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Friday, August 13, 2004

Now I can breathe

Okay, so after a day and a half of intermittent right-sided pain (think ovary) radiating to my back, I threw myself on the mercy of my RE's office and called to see if they could get me in for an u/s today instead of Monday. Today marks the 5w mark and I had myself so convinced that I had an ectopic pg that I just knew I wouldn't make it through to Monday afternoon without having a complete breakdown. I had called my dr's office yesterday but they thought it was likely nothing and suggested I call the nurse, which I didn't do, thinking I'd just see what happened. No bleeding, just pain--but different from the cramping I've been having on and off the past 2 weeks.

Well, after the same pain kept happening last night and this morning, I called back. And, good people that they are at my RE's office, they told me to come right in this morning as one of the partners was there but would be leaving soon. I had my hubby rush straight over there. Off with my pants and up on the table. Dim the lights...and action.

Glory be.... The yolk sac was visible and it is right where it should be--in my uterus--no ectopic pg. (Big exhale.)It measured exactly within range and I'm to go back in two weeks for another scan. I didn't get a picture of today's u/s because--as the wand monkey told me--my dr has a thing about not giving the first u/s out the day of the appointment, he likes to wait until the second one to give it to the patient so she decided to play by his rules. Alas, I do feel like I cheated on him today--the doc on staff at the office today was not mine and 'stole' his thunder somewhat by being the one to confirm that all is as it should be. Whoops!

At the same time, it was noted that I have a large corpus luteum cyst on my L side (not the side with the pain) but they said that was completely normal since I ovulated from that side and the cyst is what's producing the progesterone to support the pregnancy at this point in time. It will eventually shrink down and my body will take over production, I believe after 12 weeks or so she said.

I can breathe now...even though the road ahead is long (and certain to be littered with more panic on my part). Hope springs eternal. Oh, and the doc suggested that I postpone travel if I can help it. We're supposed to fly to DC on Wednesday for a wedding so it looks like DH will be going without me. Gotta do what I gotta do and I simply could not live with myself if I went and something happened--even though I know that if something is going to happen, it'll happen anywhere and at anytime. Still, the 'what if' would never go away. So I'll be sitting on my ass around the house with the furbabies instead of taking in our nation's capital. Heck I may even take the fellas down to my SIL's and stay there...it'll be a mini-vacation without really leaving home.

My thanks to each of you for your comforting words...I am, as you can read, a complete basket case about this. You all are too good to me :-) and I hope I can return the favor....


At 3:45 PM, Blogger Pazel said...

Okay, I'm completely jealous now. I want an ultrasound!! I have to wait until Wednesday. My pain in my side has gone away, except when I sneeze. It might be a cyst or just my ovary still swollen.

I'm so glad to hear that everything is alright with you. You must have been scared to death. I'm surprised they didn't give you a picture. Policy schmolicy.

You didn't mention anything about heartbeat, but I don't think you can see it until 6 weeks anyways. Sorry you can't go on your trip. I will be taking short trips for work (2-3 days for 2 hour flights). They know, they're not happy about it, but my old RE is out there just in case.

At 6:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad things are ok : )
And you reassured me a bit - I've been having God-awful cramps (but tolerable, like a regular period) in my uterus, which my RE told me was totally normal. But I've also been having occasional intermittent pain in my left ovary, which I planned to bring up when I went in for beta 2 tomorrow. I was terrified that this could be ectopic + regular pregnancy and not quite sure what the deal is with that.
What they told you makes a lot of sense - I'll be sure to ask.
And again, I SO GLAD things are going well. Happy 5w!


At 9:04 AM, Blogger amanda said...

I am so glad that your ultrasound gave you some piece of mind. Congratulations.

At 10:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad to hear the ultrasound went well!!!!!

Mine is on Wednesday (like Pazel's), so I'm hoping for good news as well.



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