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After 4 years of infertility, 2 surgeries, 1 miscarriage, and 19 months of high risk pregnancies, hubby and I now have two little women in our lives--one a toddler, the other not far behind. Buckle your seatbelts, it's gonna be a wild ride.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Present and accounted for

I am still breathing...and leaving for Key West shortly with a spring in my step and a smile on my face.

This morning's u/s found a perfectly sized/dated embryo. The good RE wished me well with our Valentine's baby and sent me on my way. One signed records release later and I was on my own, property of the OB from here on out.

I was so relieved by the visit. I didn't know how much baggage I was carrying with me still until I saw that glorious HB again on the u/s today. I was hoping for the best, expecting the worst. Luckily, it was the best that greeted me this morning.

Let's hope it continues that way shall we?


At 1:34 PM, Anonymous amanda said...

Woo hoo! What wonderful news. Exactly what I wanted to hear. Congratulations!

At 4:11 PM, Blogger WriterGrrl said...

Fabulous! SO excited for you. :-)

At 12:49 AM, Blogger Cakesy's Mama said...

HOORAY HOORAY HOORAY! Congratulations, Dee. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop -- I'm rooting for you!

At 11:29 AM, Blogger ThreeBees said...

Indeed! Keep on keepin' on. . . :) Have a great Key West getaway!


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