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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Houston, we have liftoff

Dear sweet mercy. The girl, she is fully mobile. Did you hear that? FULLY MOBILE as of last week.

It was like watching the evolution of man but in a shorter timeframe. First, she crawled, then scooted, and one day she stood up. The standing eventually led to cruising, and then walking upright assisted, and last week found her looking at us as if to say, "I don't need your assistance, I can walk by myself!" and she was up on her own, surveying her domain. Light sockets? Check. Dogs' water bowl? Check. Kitchen cabinets? Check. Dishwasher? Check.

So let us please pause for a moment of silence in honor of the life I used to know. But hey, at least now maybe I'll shave those last pesky 10 pounds from my frame with all the increased movement I'm doing. The girl, she is damn quick! And so darn small to be walking around but also so darn cute doing it that I find myself smiling, fully unaware that I'm doing so.

In addition to the walking unassisted, there is much jabbering (too bad we can only understand a few 'words'--if you want to be generous and call them that), and none--that's right, ZERO--teeth sprouting from her smooth, shiny, unbroken gums. Sister can still crush the crap out of food so not having them hasn't slowed down her voracious interest and ability to partake in the enjoyment of our 'adult' foods. Suddenly, baby food is passe and non grata in her mouth. Her ped isn't at all worried about the lack of teeth so I'll try to quash my own concerns until the doc informs me that it's time to freak out.

There is also much temper tantruming (oh look--a new verb!) and I mean, real honest-to-goodness throwing herself down on the floor and pounding her little fists. It's actually kinda cute and makes me laugh. Although now we don't allow ourselves to laugh at her when she does it as it's a reaction and a reaction is exactly what she's looking to get when she pulls this stunt. And, for the love of all things holy, g-d help you if you take away something she wants or try to stop her from doing something she has her mind set on (like my new favorite! pulling! everything! out! of the changing table cabinet!). She will scream, she will wail, she will 'cry' but sans tears. And then, almost as quickly as the storm came, it will shove off and she will lose interest in whatever it was she was so intent on getting/doing.

She wants to run, and to jump off the top pool step into deeper water, and play with the big kids...and when I look at her sometimes I don't know where my baby went, where this emerging 'big' girl is going, and that's okay. The ride will be a fun one, among other adjectives I'm sure.

Two weeks from today, she will be one. Two weeks from today, I will look back on everything this first year has brought us and laugh, and cry, and savor it all, even the crap parts. They made this journey what it was and is and it wouldn't be the same without them. And I will think about what the future may hold for her and just hope like hell that I don't let her down. I'll do my best, and I'll love her unconditionally with everything I've got. She will never doubt my love for her, she will never not know it. Every day, I tell her that I love her. I didn't have that growing up and that memory hurts even today. As a result, Juliana will know just how much she is loved, wanted, and treasured. Really, is there any greater thing we can give a child?

P.S. Thank you for your comments to my last post. They meant a lot to me and I truly appreciate your kindness and support. We'll see what happens. This Friday will be 13 dpo and I may do some POAS for shits and giggles. I'm not expecting much but I've got a new FRER (the test formerly known as FRED) hanging out, waiting to get a little action so why not? Why not, indeed.


At 11:20 AM, Anonymous heather said...

Wow! That is one fast transition in mobility. My son is 16-months old (yes, you read that right) and just starting to walk. He has been crawling for 9 freakin' months! He's been cruising for at least 6 of them. He was just too scared to let go.

About the teeth: We have one little girl in our plagroup (also 16-months) who only has one, and my sister's girls only had two until they were 18-months. My nieces are now 11 and 8 and have all their teeth and have never had a cavity. That is one great advantage to late teething, the teeth are usually in better health. Enjoy it while it lasts, we are working on molars and canines here and the biting is unrelenting.

At 10:23 PM, Blogger Kether said...

I'll be thinking of you when we test this weekend.

Walking is a new world, but also so much fun. Be prepared to follow her around all damn day...

At 2:58 PM, Blogger ThreeBees said...

So wonderful! I can't believe almost a year has passed! Hope this next year brings you much joy as I know it will!

At 1:10 AM, Blogger Cakesy's Mama said...

Congrats on the new mobile lifestyle! This past weekend, our daughter climbed into the dishwasher, so there you have it... the fascination... now I have to remember to pull out the knoves before she starts zipping over to the tempting open dishwasher! And I wouldn't worry about the teeth -- we waited a long time for our kid's teeth, and they're worth the wait when those little pearlies start cutting through!

At 11:19 PM, Blogger Jenn said...

OMG Dee! I was laughing and crying while reading this post (tears of joy, of course)! She is gorgeous and true wonder. It's incredible how quickly they grow--I'm afraid to blink--they'll be in college! Enjoy her 1st birthday and please be sure to post many pics.
Love, Jenn


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