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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

No news is good news

Today was a quiet day thanks to the fact that I had no medical appointments scheduled. Tomorrow I'll see the peri for a regular office visit (my BP and urine are checked at these, just like at the OB's) as well as a growth u/s to see how big 2.0 now is. I have a feeling that my peri appointments have bought me some time (according to the nurse there, my BP has been fine by their standards and a non-issue to date, unlike the issue it has become for my OB). Mind you, the OB and peri practices are affiliated with one another (same parent company) and they share the same computer system so my OB can easily look up all of my peri visits and see my vitals from each one.

My bloodwork and 24-hour urine results were scheduled to be given to my OB yesterday. So far, no phone call to tell me if anything is amiss...and usually, their radio silence means all is well so I'm flying on that assumption until I'm told otherwise.

My BP checks at home on my cuff have typically been in the 130/80 or 135/85 range, which are actually pretty normal for me. I'm a borderline hypertensive when I'm not pregnant and actually spent several years (back when I was 65 lbs. heavier) on N0rvasc to manage my BP. Losing all that weight meant I didn't need the meds anymore and I've been off them ever since. Part of me wonders why the OB can't just put me on an anti-hypertensive that's pg-friendly and allow me a little bit more time for baby-growing. Instead, he seems very focused on getting her out of me and into the world; straight from point A to point C. Where's my B? Or do I not get a B because I'm a few weeks shy of "term?"

Friday I have an NST at the peri's and I'm not scheduled to go back to the OB until Monday. That day, I'll be 35w2d and will feel a tad bit better should he decide that I need to deliver asap. I'm crossing all crossables that he won't.

I'm flummoxed as to how I can go in for that visit and stay relaxed in an effort to keep my BP down...repeating some sort of mantra in my head? deep breathing? going to my "happy place?" something else? Any suggestions? I was thinking of bringing A and J with me to keep my mind on them but then I wonder if J misbehaves in the waiting room, will that just make me more tense and stressed out? Hmmm, probably.

Yeah, as you can tell, I overthink things...A LOT.

P.S. If you're playing along at home, I was originally scheduled to be induced a month from today if I don't go into labor on my own by then. Sounds like a good plan to me--let's all hope for it :-)


At 9:35 AM, Blogger Cat, Galloping said...

Ach, these crazy doctors! I have to believe that worst case they would check you into hospital bedrest and give your BP a chance to come down, right? Hang in there. Every extra day is a good one.


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