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Monday, October 17, 2005

Cough, hack, wheeze....

Apparently, while A and I weren't looking, our 12 lbs., 5 oz. gal took up smoking ("whoo-hoo, happy 17 week birthday to me!"). And judging by all of the hacking and wheezing she's doing, she must be up to a two-pack-a-day habit by now. We wonder where she picked it up from as A and I are both non-smokers.

Friday we had her 4-month appt. where she was weighed, measured, and shot. Our gal continues to be petite--ranking just under 50% for weight, 25% for height, and a measly 5% for head circumference. Yeah, so it appears we've got a small-headed elf baby who chain smokes living with us. She got four shots on Friday, all of which combined to make her cranky for the rest of the day and into Saturday. That--combined with her 'birthday' celebration must have been the impetus for her to take up the smoking--that or she's trying to keep her weight down. Bravo, I say, bravo.

So Saturday we noticed le bebe's cough, which had lingered from the slight cold she had a few weeks back, had turned into a loud barking full of phlegm or so it sounded like because--hey, babies don't really hack that crap out like we do so we never got to see any goop actually exit. But she was her agreeable happy self and the fever from the shots had abated so we thought nothing more of it. She was slightly congested so I broke out the sucker Saturday morning since she was having a hard time drinking a bottle while trying to breathe through a clogged nose (geez, what a baby!). What little that came out was blood-tinged (much like what has been coming out of my nose for the past week) but she could breathe a little clearer so it appeared all was getting better. Until the smoking really wrought havoc on her lungs, that is.

At some point late yesterday, that cough got more and more mucousy sounding and hacking (damn unfiltered camels--why did she not go with something more girly?!). And last night, the breathing, it became quite wheezy. All of this combined to buy someone a ticket home from the germ factory--oops, I mean daycare--today (apparently her evil plot worked) and a 10:40 trip to the ped with daddy. So we wait to see what the good dr. has to say...my guess is he'll prescribe a round of antibiotics--or at the very least, suggest that she switch to the patch. Until then, I'd better have A (since he's home with her today) scour her room for the contraband cigs.

P.S. Um, does anyone have any idea when babies discover their feet? 'Cause, man, my girl she loves her some hands but ain't so into the feet.


At 3:48 PM, Blogger Jenn said...

Oh, Dee-- I hope she is feeling better! Our DD is only 6 weeks old and I already had her at the ped last week for a cold that Mama gave her! A quick lesson in parental guilt for me!-- I hope you are doing better than I in that department! Let me know how it goes...

At 2:10 PM, Anonymous Day said...

Oh poor J! Simon's battling a cold too - we've been putting Ocean for Kids drops in his nose to loosen up the gunk so we can suction it out. He's also been sleeping in his car seat at night (the upright position helps him breathe better). He's getting really frustrated with the congestion (me too- I jsut hate seeing him not feeling well!).
As for the feet, aside from kicking like crazy, I don't think my boy has any idea that they're connected to his body yet. His hands though? - like J, he's very into them...fists in the mouth, the whole bit. I too am interested to know when they finally discover that they have feet.
Hope J kicks the habit and make a quick recovery!

At 6:25 PM, Blogger Toffee said...

Funny post, hope she is doing better. I know I will just freak out the first time my kid gets sick. (And I am in the medical profession!) I think my baby just noticed her feet the other night, but currently it is still an obsession with the hands (3.5m).


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