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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Math, the general state of my cervix , and hot gonads

Another IUI down yesterday, that makes #5 overall.  Today brings us part 2 with another one scheduled for later this morning.  Does that make it #6 or still part of #5?  Hmmm, food for thought...if you have had some IUIs where it's only done once after triggering and others where you have two IUIs done after triggering, does that mean you actually count more total IUIs because of the doubles?  Heck, if that's the case, then so far I've had 7 IUIs with #8 to come today--and yet no BFPs.  Damn, those numbers are sad.  I think I'll go on counting the way I always have (whether or not 2 are done as part of the 'big picture') so this is still only #5--which sounds infinitely more palatable to me than 7 failed IUIs. 

Nothing exciting to report...yet another IUI in which the person doing the procedure (in this case, the nurse) has to navigate the winding road that is my cervix.  TMI ALERT: apparently, my cervix/uterus goes down and to the right so getting a catheter full o'swimmers in there has always been challenging for the lucky monkey elected to do the basting honors.  Hubby went in before me and I showed up about an hour after he left--with a wink wink nod nod shout out to the receptionist upon arrival--I think I have a staff-crush on her, she's always so great to deal with and makes each visit a little easier to bear.  But enough of that mushy crap....

Mere hours after showing up and providing his specimen at the RE, the DH came home (where I was happily on my ass in bed for too many hours to count) from work early with a raging fever over 101 degrees.  Forgive me for not being entirely sympathetic to how he was feeling...all I could think was that he was cooking the boys for today's IUI.  A prompt google search confirmed my fears--ah ha! it is detrimental to them if he runs a high fever and then I searched somemore until I found a site that recommended a small cold pack in a sock on the 'nads to keep 'em cool.  Off I went to the freezer and minutes later, said sock pack was firmly ensconced between hubby's legs while he laid in bed dying.  Miracle of miracles, he was feeling better within a few hours and the fever broke (I'd like to think the 'nadsicles helped but what do I know?).  Let's hope it works...we're back on in a few short hours.  While yesterday saw a very nice 23 million fellers, I'm nervous to see how small the main course of heated up XYs is on today's menu. 

In the meantime, I continue to think positive thoughts, rub my lower belly, pray to g_d (who I turned my back on several years ago), and my dead grandmother (who I like to think has been up there all this time waiting for me to call on her--bubbe, I need your help now more than ever so please put in a good word for us with the powers that be, I've never wanted anything so much in my life).  Bad me, I'm really indulging hope this month; oh how far I may fall come 10-14 days from now.  Wish us luck...we so need it, we so want it.  I mean, it has to be our time soon, right?


At 8:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have wondered too how to count those lovely back to back IUI's. I have no idea. The lesser number definitely sounds better. I hope this is the month for you!!



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