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Monday, July 19, 2004

Tomorrow...we tango

Okay, so we won't be 'dancing' in the normal fertile/infertile sense of the word tomorrow but we will have my insides basted with a warm garlic and shallot butter infusion--can you tell I'm hungry for lunch already?  Too much thought of food, not enough thought of egg.  Alright, so I won't really be basted with such a delicious concoction.  Instead, I will willingly offer myself up to a traditional basting with warmed, washed semen on both tomorrow and Wednesday mornings.
Getting back to egg, today's u/s revealed a 22 x 20 mm ovarian goddess so she's ripe for the picking.  Her ladies in waiting didn't develop any more than the 10mm mentioned in earlier posts.  Also, today's u/s revealed that my endometrial lining is slightly thinner than they like--hmm, first time I'd heard of that when doing my cycles--what do they do for that?  Does that mean progesterone support or something else perhaps?  I need to turn to the trusted internet for more info on this but I'm hoping one of you great gals out there could maybe shed some light on this as well.
I know a thin lining can be a side effect of Clomid use but I'm not on that so the reason behind my situation is a little unclear to me.  BUT this is also my first medicated cycle after the lap when the doc lasered off some stage II endometrial tissue (before the surgery previous docs had never even thought I might have endometriosis) so maybe that has something to do with it.  Maybe the planetary alignment has something to do with or maybe the fact that I like to breathe air...who knows why my body does (or does not) do things as it should?  Only my RE knows for certain (or does he?) and he's not talking--well, maybe he is but only through his nurse at this point. 


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