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Friday, July 16, 2004

Down on the ovarian street corner

Well, I'm back from this morning's RE appt to check my follies and it turns out I've got one big crack whore of a folly on my left, this on CD8. 
It seems this bitch has been hogging all of the injectable for herself, leaving the other junior misses on the corner out in the lurch (5 on the R, 1 other on the L, all at 10mm).  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for that one badass folly (16mm) but really now, couldn't she share while out drumming up business?  I can see her now, bad dye job, rough around the edges, worn from such a hard life.  She's pissed at the up-and-comers, the young'ins who still look so fresh and appealing.  She's a Gonal-F hag and she's making the rest of them pay for it.  I mean, come on now ladies, let's share.  The ole' SA of my dh showed that there's plenty to go around when it comes time for the turkey basting.  Instead, I've got the dominating follicular crack whore on the block and she's just waiting for that next fix, pushing all the other bitches aside so she can be first in line at the prime pick up spot. 
Not until my estrogen results come back in later today will I be able to tell her that more drugs are coming and in what quantity.  Hopefully that will appease her, heck maybe she'll even share with the other gals but I'm not putting any money on it, besides I haven't got any left since our treatment is self-pay at this point. 
I know that all it takes is one follicle--as the wand monkey was quick to remind me this morning--but I was hoping (well well, look who reared their head--argh!) that maybe I'd have two or three based on past injectable cycles (which were while on a different med).  I'm not ungrateful, don't get me wrong.  I know every cycle is different and I know there are women out there who'd be grateful to have just one follicle, including me, so I'll shut up now.  Wish me luck...I'm going to see what kind of trouble I can get my ovarian crack whore and her friend, hope addict, into this cycle.  IUIs could be this coming Monday and Tuesday.  Speaking of IUIs, check out this interesting story.     


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