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Monday, September 25, 2006


Yep, back to boob talk. Missed it, didn't ya?

So today I made the trek to N0rdstr0m's after my peri appt (level II u/s in which all was deemed perfect, 2.0 measuring spot on for gestational dates) to get the wonder twins fitted.

Now I must first begin by telling you that I am not one of those women who can just let it all (or any portion thereof) hang out say, for instance, in a women's locker room or wherever. Oh no. I am way too modest and shy for any of that full frontal displaying. But today, I said screw it. I'll gladly let some sales associate feel me up and stare at my massive chest in google-eyed wonder if that's what she's into so long as I walk out of there with my boobs back up in their rightful position, i.e., pointing forward and up, not downwards.

So, um, yeah, there wasn't any feeling up or google-eyed wonder (darn)...but there was a very nice and accommodating sales girl who measured me, brought a varied selection of bras for me to try on, and was generally a great help. Who'd have known?

And though I walked out of there nearly $250 poorer, my wonder twins are perky, they are upright, they are staring people in the eye rather than looking at my feet. They are, in a word, delicious. I lurve these bras and they're actually semi-stylish, considering they're a 38G. Yes, you read that right...a G (in layman's terms, they tell me that's a 38DDDD, and I started out as a 38D or DD before 2.0).

Now let's all hope the girls don't grow much more during this pg or I'm out some bucks. But damn, you know what? It's worth it...at least, right now. Ask me again when this is over or when my boobs go back to pointing at the floor, whichever comes first.


At 3:55 PM, Blogger Cat, Galloping said...

ooh, getting a properly fitting bra changed my *life*! worth every penny.

At 5:23 PM, Anonymous Jen said...

oh the joys of a properly fitted bra, when good boobs go bad is a horror story, i do empathise (as much as I can with little boobs by your standards but still 3 bra sizeschange )how do your shoulders and back cope? I'm in awe of just how you manage ... sounds creepy but isn't .. v glad you have perkies again

At 9:53 PM, Blogger Miss W said...

So terrified at the thought of a 38G! With my 36DD, I'm not sure you and I could ever actually hug ;)

Glad you got some new bras to help keep those puppies in check! Here's hoping you don't go further into the alphabet!

At 10:53 AM, Blogger Carol said...

Holy moly on the sales lady's assessment & the cost!


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