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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Her growing, me shrinking

So earlier this week, our little miss had her 9-month check up with the ped. She was weighed, measured, vaccinated, and palpated. The verdict? Height and weight, both in the 50th percentile, head circumference 25th percentile--all 3 right on track with where she's been all along. All good. My petite flower is 27 1/2 inches long and a mere 18 pounds and change. Above is a shot of her as daddy hoists her up in all her glory on her 9-month "b'day" this past weekend.

She also had her follow up with the plastic surgeon this past week, who is very pleased with her (slow) progress courtesy of the PT. Her eye asymmetry has improved nicely and is usually barely noticeable unless she's tired. She'll go back in 3 months for another follow-up and to see where we go from there (perhaps b0t0x, perhaps not). He said her head tilt is rather slight in the grand scheme of things so who knows? Of course, when it's your child and there's someting "off," it looks huge to you but, per the doctor, it's really not all that bad...meaning she may not, in fact, be a candidate for the (last resort) surgery to lengthen her SCM muscle but we'll see with time.

I also made an appointment for her to see a specialist down at the regional children's hospital (about 2 or so hours from me) about this like some of your kind ladies had suggested. Again, thank you for that :-)

So that's about all. Things here are doing good and I can't complain. Hell, I even resumed my sugar-free lifestyle (yes, that also means very little carbs) like my RE had me take up three years ago (which I had to give up when I got pregnant). It was what took 45 pounds off of me, and kept it off, until I got knocked up.

I figured it was time to start eating healthy again and take this weight off/keep it off. Two weeks back into the swing of things and I'm down a little over 10 pounds and I feel great again physically (I forgot how tired and generally blah I am with sugar in me). Back down to fighting weight by June, I hope. Just in time for J's first b'day party (I've already started planning) and also for a mini-vacation in our state's party playground: Key West. It's been a while since our last trip there--one that holds pleasant memories for me as my uterus (formerly a barren dry place where no sperm dared to grab a toehold) was busy implanting J's predecessor that very weekend (my period was officially late; I tested the day we returned home and saw 2 lines). The time spent there was memorable for the possibilities it held--which is kind of hard to explain really.

(Of course, that pg didn't make it but that doesn't make that time in KW less special for me.) I'm looking forward to going back. I think I fell in love with the island and its charms all over again during those four days in 2004.


At 8:16 PM, Blogger WriterGrrl said...

I loved the picture in the last post, and I'm glad to hear you sounding so at peace. I'm insanely jealous that you lost 10 pounds. And, uh, happy for you, of course! :-) And I greatly appreciated your comment on my post and meant to post a reply, but I have just been having a devil of a time getting it together lately.

At 10:01 PM, Blogger Jenn said...

OH DEE!!!! I am crawling out from beneath my rock to say HI and to tell you how beautiful your girl is! OH, and btw--Abby is 3 months younger and is the same size!!!! I'm glad all is moving along with the PT and that you are getting a second opinion.
I'm so happy to hear about your weightloss--I'm on LA Weightloss and trying to stay on program EVERY DAY. Have a GREAT time in the Keys and I can't wait to hear all about it!

At 11:50 PM, Anonymous BrendaS said...

beautiful beautiful girl!!

At 10:26 PM, Anonymous Frances said...

Dee, she's GORGEOUS!! I just want to eat her up. I'm thinking, you know, when they're older, perhaps...nevermind. Monkey isn't dating until he's 21.
Have fun in the keys (I love Islamorada and, like you, Key West holds some very dear memories for me!) and I want to hear all about it when you get back.
You go with that weight loss!

At 9:58 PM, Blogger Toffee said...

I love the pictures. She looks so happy and healthy. I am with you on the sugar. My pants were getting tighter and tighter (I am the only woman who has actually gained weight since I gave birth) and I have started to watch my carbs again. Hooray on your success!


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