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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Six Silly Things About Me

Since I've been tagged by Jen at 2 Cats 8 Paws, here are six silly things about me:

1) When I am concentrating intensely on something, say when I'm drawing or reading something very interesting, I unconsciously stick the tip of my tongue out of my mouth. I typically don't realize when I'm doing it though A is quick to point it out and tease me about it.

2) Continuing with the oral fixation, I can do this really weird tongue thing (so hard to describe that I had to take a picture so you can get the true benefit of it) as well as roll my tongue sideways and practically upside down to both sides. This makes for fun adult, ahem, hijinks. The only other person that I know who can do this same tongue trick is my father. I've yet to come across anyone else who can do it. The trick seems to run in the family and it remains to be seen if it passes on to J.

3) I typically don't drink alcohol. I did so much drinking in my early college years, that I just burned out on it. Nowadays, I may have the rare beer but that's about it. And sometimes now when I even smell liquor, I upchuck into my mouth a little (nice, huh?). I'm now affectionately called 'buzz kill' by my circle of friends, but in a lovingly joking way--or so I think :-) On a sidenote, the last time I had a drink was in Key West in July 2004, when an embryonic parasite was burrowing it's way into my uterine lining. What can I say? I was positive the IUI didn't work and I thought, 'ah, why not?' and proceeded to get tanked (courtesy of two Fat Tu3esday frozen concoctions--them folks sure know how to make an adult libation!). I am so looking forward to drinking some more of them this July...sweet mercy, it can't get here soon enough.

4) I hate to touch paper. I know that sounds strange since I was an English major in college and then worked in publishing for almost 10 years (before ditching my career track in December) but during that time, I came to hate touching paper. My hands feel so dirty after handling papers that I practically sprint to the sink to wash them off when I'm through. I cannot.clean.them.off.fast.enough.

5) I adore my feet. Seriously, my zodiac sign rules over the feet (from what I've read) and I do everything I can to pamper them. I get pedicures every 4 weeks, slather them with cream at night (vas3line or burt's b33s coconut foot cream), wear sandals as often as possible, get foot massages, etc. Nothing is too good for my feet. Plus, they look damn cute--nice toenails, toes just the right length, uniform progression of size (i.e., no second toe longer than the big toe action--and no offense meant to those of you with this arrangement--A is one of you!). Bonus points to anyone who can guess what my zodiac sign is :-)

6) I have a thing for MTV's The R3al World and the RW/RR challenge shows. I can lose a whole day on the weekends when they rebroadcast all of the episodes back to back--even if I've already seen all or most of them. I don't watch them when they normally air (10 p.m. or so, I think) but I catch up when they rerun them--and they sure do like to rerun them, don't they? Oy, the drama (or the grandiose notions of drama)...and I love it!

So that's about as silly as I get...more strange than silly but that's me. And now, if you're up for it ladies, I tag Sherry at Horkin Ramblings, Frances at Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner, Toffee at After the IVF, and Three Bees.


At 12:45 PM, Anonymous heather said...

Wow, are we related? I can do the exact tongue hijinks you describe. My feet totally rule and I've said for years they are my favorite body part. Unfortunately, my son inherited the hammer toes from his father. If you are in fact my long lost twin, then you are a Virgo, but I'm guessing not.

I too find paper to be incredibly creepy and dirty, and your obsession with said MTV shows hits way too close to home.

At 3:58 PM, Anonymous Pam! said...

I believe that makes you a Pisces, yes? I too adore my feet and take better care of them than most parts of my body. (However I am a Leo) heh heh


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