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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Blessed baby, blissed mama

I could tell you how le bebe seems to have taken a step back in her sleeping habits and how she has taken to fighting--and I mean REALLY fighting--the whole falling asleep thing, but truly, doesn't every baby have sleep issues at some point in time? This too shall pass (though I still wonder if her back will eventually take the shape of her swing since it's currently the ONLY place she will sleep)....

I will tell you that the girl was baptized this past Sunday. There were four babies who received the sacrament and I'm proud to report that ours was the only screamer at the altar. Yea for us--whadda we win? We followed the ceremony up with lunch for 20 of us. Once the lass got that ceremonial screaming out of her system, she was a joy to be around the rest of the day. Lunch was wonderful, as was the company. As I looked around at the two tables, I was touched to see the love everyone has for the three of us. It made me realize that not only was Juliana blessed (both literally and figuratively), but so are we.

Next up is Christmas at our house since it's Juliana's first. We look forward to the full house but it's also nice when everyone leaves :-)

Juliana will be six months old this coming Sunday and I can honestly say that each day is more wonderful than the one before it. She has developed a real personality (an actress and a skilled manipulator--and I mean those things in a good way--well, good for her, bad for us) and constantly amazes and delights us. She is ohsoclose to sitting up on her own and has taken to reaching out to be held or picked up, among several other milestones. How that warms the cockles of my (formerly cynical) heart! She is standing with assistance, loves her e*nste*n exersaucer, and is very interested in her furry four-legged dog brothers. Her smile lights up her entire face and she is generous in bestowing grins these days. I tell you what, that smile makes everything in my world better, especially on the crappiest of days.

As for Christmas--well, let's just say that my wish list is a short one. After all, I already received the one gift I wanted most (though a sparkly bauble is always appreciated).


At 10:03 AM, Blogger Jenn said...

I'm so happy to read your post! Juliana sounds adorable...I wish you and your family a happy holiday. Enjoy Juliana's first XMAS and take LOTS of pics.



At 11:04 AM, Anonymous Menita said...

Oh, aren't the smiles the best? And when those little arms reach out to be held...I pee my pants. The sleep will come and yes, they all have little regressions.


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