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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

FRED said...

um, yeah, it looks like FRED thinks I might be pregnant. I'm not quite sure I believe him, especially when you view the three Kilimanjaro-sized zits on my face that have me convinced that AF is due within the next day or two, as scheduled. I think today I am either 13 or 14dpo depending on exactly when I ovulated (the ClearBlue monitor showed 10/14 and 10/15 as peak days).

To rehash this morning's inaugural whiz, I did my business and went to brush my teeth. When I was done, I checked FRED and there the second line was, faint but visible. This was around the 2 minute mark so I dillidallied for a few minutes and checked again. Yep, still there and definitely more visible. It's nowhere near as dark as the control line but it's visible enough that I don't need to hold it up to the light, angle it a thousand different ways, break out the magnifying glass, or disassemble FRED.

I went and showered and came back 10 minutes later. Yep, still there. But I am thinking the whole time that my eyes are deceiving me. So convinced am I that I don't really see anything and that I simply WANT to see a second line, I wake A up and ask him to come into the bathroom and let me know if he sees anything. He asked if I meant the darker line (control) or the other one. I ask him if he's positive he sees the other one; yes, he says, there's definitely a line there. Are you sure? "Yes." I don't say anything more and off he goes back to bed.

My beta was back down to zero on October 6th so I don't really think it could be residual. But I'm not quite sure I believe I'm pregnant. I just don't know. I don't have any symptoms like I did last time, nothing outside of my boobs still being slightly tender (but I chalked that off to PMS). The only other thing that stands out in my mind is how I got that raging sinus infection at exactly the same time I got pg in July--and about two days ago, my nose began to run (even though I felt/feel completely fine) and now I've had some thick gross post-nasal drip since yesterday. Obscure symptom--if it is one, but if AF doesn't show up around these parts today, I'll go in for a beta tomorrow morning.

Could it be? I mean there's always a margin of error with these things. It could be a defective test.... I know it's not expired, I just bought it in August. But FRED's are one of the better ones...or so I thought. Am I wrong? Is there another brand I should try? This was the only pee stick in the house and I'm now toying with the idea of going out and buying a cartload more, peeing on them every time I have to go. I'm already nuts....

(In other news, my furbaby Norm is scheduled for surgery to remove his tumor this coming Tuesday morning, 11/2. We decided not to wait until 11/11 when our vet's schedule was open; instead, we'll take him to my SIL's vet down in Broward county.)

As you can tell, I'm trying to pretend this is just another normal day. But I don't think it is...I don't think I'll be able to function today, not really. I'm counting the hours until tomorrow morning, for now. (And no, I can't go in for a beta today, I've got a lot to do at work--but tomorrow I'm going into work late so I'll stop by Dr. Rub's on the way in.) Holy shit...do I dare to hope--is FRED onto something here?


At 8:20 AM, Blogger Miss W said...

I hate to be the one to break it to you BUT... If FRED says you are, you probably are. I've never had a FRED lie to me yet. Some of the others have. (Or they, like the ClearBlue, had 'ESP' giving me a positive before implantation!) Get that beta!

At 12:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hate to be the bearer of this news ;), but umm, it sounds like you're pregnant. There's only way way your body can have HCG in it, especially since you are confirmed that yours started with a zero count before you ovulated.

Congratulations and wishing you a happy, healthy and uneventful nine months.


At 12:59 PM, Blogger amanda said...

I've been dying to comment on this post all day. I read it in Bloglines and then couldn't get your blog to actually load. Damn Blogger. Anyway, all I can say is holy shit! I sure as hell hope FRED is right. I'll be waiting on pins and needles until you post your beta results tomorrow. I also hope your kitty's surgery goes well next week. Good luck all around to you and your kitty!

At 1:15 PM, Blogger Dee said...

Thanks so much gals--I really appreciate your feedback. I'm still not really taking this in; it's like part of me thinks "yea!" and the other part says "you couldn't be!" We'll know more tomorrow afternoon--don't know how I can last that long without going absolutely nucking futs.

(Amanda, you're so sweeet for thinking about my boy too--he's actually a 9 yr old puppy furbaby--but he appreciates your love and thoughts regardless!).

Y'all be good to yourselves--I'm sending much love to each of you.

At 3:13 PM, Blogger Jen P said...

Hoping all goes well for Norm. Will have my fingers crossed for him and Andy will purr.

Hoping FRED is right and that this is a wee sticky wonderful little one!!

At 3:31 PM, Blogger Toni said...

I was just sitting here on my ass reading blogs. I kept coming up with sad news everywhere...and was actually wondering if ANYONE had any good news. Then I came to your blog. And I saw GREAT news!!!

I hope this is it for you Dee. I'll be sitting here (off and on) waiting for the beta!!!!

At 10:10 PM, Blogger Julianna said...

OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!!!!! I am so excited for you! Finally, finally some good news!

I can't wait until you get your positive beta tomorrow and post about it!

This is fantastically encouraging!

At 10:15 PM, Blogger amanda said...

Sorry. I guess I'm such a kitty person that whenever I see the word "furbaby" I automatically think cat. My apologies to Norm. I'm sure he doesn't appreciate being referred to as a cat. Good luck tomorrow!

At 10:40 PM, Blogger lwteacher said...

Congrats to you!! I am keeping fingers and toes crossed for nine continuous uneventful months of pregnancy!!

At 8:30 AM, Blogger E. said...

Dee! That's wonderful -- congratulations!

I hope Norm's surgery goes smoothly!

At 10:42 AM, Blogger Soper said...

Yea! Yea!

Now, FRED has lied to me twice before, but each time I FELT pregnant. When I actually WAS pregnant, the biggest early symptom I had was an ABSENCE of PMS symptoms, other than sore boobs. Then a week later the puking kicked in.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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