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Thursday, October 14, 2004

A good stretch

So, it's been a good stretch of days this past week (despite the verbal warning I got at work for being a slacker--yep, my work ethic has gone right down the shitter since the mc but I'm trying to get it back together now, I really am). Today I found out my karyotyping came back completely normal--whew. We now have medical proof that I am, indeed, a female. (My husband's results, however, have not yet come back--apparently the lab had the wrong fax # so I gave them the right one earlier and they were going to send it right over. And now...we wait.)

Since this is a cycle where the RE is not directly involved, I figured I would try using a Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor and maybe, just maybe, see if those fuckers work (my ovaries, not the monitors). So I bought one on eBay and started it back on CD5 and--holy crap--this morning it showed today as a peak day! So maybe that follie Dr. Rub's tech saw yesterday is breaking through as we speak. Last night I was slightly crampy on the R but don't know if that was just coincidence since I know that's where it is.

Just to be on the safe side, and because Dr. Rub told me/us to 'practice' this month, I made sure we got our groove on last night and again this morning. I will again tempt the fates, I mean my husband, later after work and at bedtime. Can't say I'm not giving it the ole' college try. TMI but if cervical mucus is a factor, can't say I've seen that bitch since CD12--two days ago. No sign of it since. Is it hiding deep in my cervical recesses/does such a place even exist? I don't know. But with the last IUI we did, I didn't have any CM, yet the nurse said there was lots of it at the cervix when she did the deed on me (how odd does that sound?). I guess it just never felt inspired to come down south and pay a visit to my panties.

When Dr. Rub told me to go home and practice, I said to him "But what if it works and then I won't need you next month?" "What do you mean?" he calmly asked, "I'll still have to see you for the pregnancy test..." (and as my IF friend reminded me, for care up 'til the end of the first trimester). That is why this doctor keeps me inspired. Man, is he confident and hopeful. I have to remind myself to be the same way. I just keep thinking that there ain't a snowball's chance in hell we can do this on our own...years of hope and disappointment do that to you. But I'm more hopeful than not, especially now that we pretty much know what our issue is and what can be done to work with/around it. So here's hoping the next 2 weeks go by quickly and perhaps with good news at its end. One can always hope, can't she?


At 5:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Sounds good and I'm hoping right there with you.

As for EWCM, o.k., TMI but here goes...so long as its by the cervix, you're fine and it does in fact tend to stay up there and not migrate down (at least on those of us older, ahem, that would be me at 39). Here are some things that help ewcm -- evening primrose, eskimo three fish oil (soooo good for that) and vitamin e. If you check your cervix, which I do, to see if it's open, usually a few minutes later some of the mucus will migrate down. Don't worry, so long as you saw some, and I always see it early in my cycle but have to go hunting for it in the later part and it's usually there, don't worry, it's there, doing its thing.

Wishing you luck and love,


At 7:05 PM, Blogger E. said...

One can definitely hope! Good luck this cycle, Dee -- I'm glad you're having a good stretch.

At 12:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like my monitor. It's the only thing I haven't yet thrown into the "fertility" graveyard ( bbt thermometer, well-meaning but dead-end books, saliva microscope that never worked for shit, etc).

Hope is a funny gal. I truly believe she is there all of the time but feels under utilized. We sometimes have to dump the old recording in our brains before we can get her attention again.

So - here is to Hope...may she find all of those dusty corners of our minds, clean them up and let the sun shine in...


At 7:58 AM, Blogger Toni said...

DEE!!! We're BUDDIES!!! I just had my IUI yesterday! Now you can tell me "Hey, don't test yet...nope..not yet...NO NOT TODAY". Can't wait for that!! (Can I test yet?)

At 1:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This last cycle, while I was doing the old college try(which worked, yay) and I had no, and I mean NO cm at all, we did the whole egg white thing. Maybe it worked? since it turned into being THE month. Good luck!!!


At 1:01 AM, Blogger Lssjes said...

I just began reading your blog... But i know EXACTLY what you mean when you say that work... well... it's not going so good for you right now. I just about fell apart after my second mc and when my job woudn't give me some time off i quit. My husband and i had been trying for two years and then to mc twice?? Not good. Work was the LAST thing on my mind.


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