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After 4 years of infertility, 2 surgeries, 1 miscarriage, and 19 months of high risk pregnancies, hubby and I now have two little women in our lives--one a toddler, the other not far behind. Buckle your seatbelts, it's gonna be a wild ride.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Times like these

We live about 20 minutes or so from a lovely beach on the state's east coast. I bet you think that would make us regular beach-goers, yes? Well, as it happens, while we love the beach, it seems that something always comes up on weekends that prevents us from packing up the sand toys and zipping down to the shore.

So...where does the family that lives near the beach go for vacation? Why, they go to another beach, on the state's west coast!

Here are some delicious scenes from our semi-"staycation" last week. Sadly, they illustrate that I no longer have any babies in my house; now I've got toddlers, and who says they don't look alike?! Okay, granted their coloring is completely different, but I think they're definitely starting to resemble one another the bigger D gets; case in point:

Yes, this is my 17-month old girl still toting a (plastic, BPA-free) bottle! Not to worry, weaning to come...and soon, promise.

Thankfully, we kept that fair skin protected with lots and lots of sunblock, as D can attest :-)

Ah, my bathing beauties...how much richer my life is with you both in it.

I don't know why but, when I contemplate the divinity that is my life nowadays, I can't help but think of the F00 Fighters who said it best when they sang,
"it's times like these you learn to live again
it's times like these you give and give again
it's times like these you learn to love again
it's times like these time and time again"


At 7:17 PM, Blogger Toffee said...

Such cuteness! They have grown so much...

At 9:12 PM, Blogger Kether said...

So good to see you posting!

At 12:06 AM, Blogger Shaken Mama said...

I'm with you, they really are starting to resemble each other -- who woulda thunk it?

Beautiful post, beautiful girls.

At 3:28 PM, Blogger Katie said...

Your girls are really adorable. I've been wanting to take my tots to the beach too but haven't gotten around to it. Maybe once we're in CA we will. Kids love it there!


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