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Saturday, February 11, 2006

An island of health

The Dee house has been hit pretty hard with a nasty cold/flu bug this week. The youngest among us has a nasty ear infection/runny nose/fever/cough combo while the oldest among us (no, that's not me) has complete head congestion along with a fever/chills/runny nose; you name it, the two of them have got it.

I, on the other hand, remain an island of good health, unscathed by the recent invasion of germ/virus/bacteria that has unleashed its fury on the other two Dee members. Why me, I'm not sure...but it's about damn time. I have caught everything the girl has brought home from daycare, every.single.time for the past four months. For once it seems to have skipped me and hit the mister.

But being the only healthy one in the house does have its drawbacks. For instance, A does not want to pick up/hold Juliana or stay close to her in confined space for long periods of time. That means that the majority of her care and well-being is falling to me. See, whatever he's got is different from whatever she's got--there are two strains of something going on, and neither one is pretty. So I must wake her, dress her, change her, feed her, play with her, bathe her. You name it, I'm doing it. Now I'm not complaining as these are things I do and love every day. But it's different when there are two of you doing these things, giving one the ability to take a break for a while (a break that you so justly need and deserve). But with him so sick, there are no breaks for me. It seems that I now have 2 babies, only one is 37 years old, the other 8 months old (and I've gained a new respect for single moms).

In the meantime, though, the legit baby is surely on her way to no longer being a baby. The picture above shows you who's become a big girl lately, one who wants to hold her own bottle, thank you very much. The baby days, they go by so very fast.


At 9:06 AM, Anonymous Day said...

I'm happy you're unscathed this time, but then again, I know the "single mom" feeling all too well. Hope J and the resident elder get better fast!

J is just darling, and that pic is so telling. My little S has taken up self feeding lately too, and it's breaking my heart!


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